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Nature have all the answers you are looking for  / Johanna Morlor

Photo: Peter Morlor

Nature has all the answers you are looking for.
Deep roots are essential to growing a rich Life and staying healthy in mind and body.

The story about Johanna Morlor

Movement and water have been two elements that have followed Johanna since childhood, giving her both security and freedom.
Her parents noticed very early on when the nearby lake behind the childhood home and the surrounding nature gave her deep soul peace.
She found her first expression of creative movement as a little girl through dance.
Enthralled with passion, the little girl dreamed of one day becoming a professional dancer who would dance on the big stages worldwide.
From her very first performance wearing a pig's pink ballerina costume and white socks, she most remembers her disappointment when her dance teacher told her she was moving from the small upbringing town.

Daily natural movement

Beyond the dance, there was a constant element of daily natural movement, regardless of the season or weather, when the desire to be active and discover new things was much greater than the need for convenience.
The daily activity resulted in everything from skating, swimming, skiing, football, running, climbing, canoeing, or endless hours playing in the forest and tree climbing. The forest and the water right next to her home became her obvious playground, where she found freedom and security.
Nature and especially the water have always been Johanna's favorite places for spiritual recreation.

Her interest in man slowly began...

Johanna’s interest in humans was brought to life when she was a young elite soccer player.
She was fascinated by the fact that one could constantly develop to new and higher levels by controlling one's own will.
As she learned self-control, she constantly found new ways to train and challenge herself to become as good and versatile as possible.
One technique she adopted early on was always to train her weaknesses a little bit more than her strengths.
She gave her Dad Roy, instructions on how to help her build various innovative training equipment that she could use to develop and perform even better,
which, as a supportive father, he was happy to help her with.

Your weakness becomes your strength...

The mindset of training her weaknesses more than her strengths has always been her mindset and is one of the key points that she uses when working with clients. According to ancient medicine, one of the principles required to heal and grow naturally as a human being is to practice a little more on their weaknesses to balance and integrate them with their strengths.
Several years of constantly pushing the boundaries forward to perform more and better began to take their toll and reached their peak just before she was to attend an elite camp in soccer.
A few days before the camp started, she was seriously injured.
As a result, she could not attend the camp for which she had been preparing for several years.
Around the same time, it gradually began to come to her that she rarely felt any genuine joy in what she was doing.
Although she performed more than anyone expected, she was never satisfied with her accomplishments.
She had come to a point where her self-discipline had become too harsh.
She was 14 years old and already burned out, which she didn't realize until afterward when she started studying sports psychology at the University.
Research studies have shown that it is increasingly common for young elite athletes to burn themselves out both mentally and physically,
at an increasingly younger age.
There are correlations with different character traits of the athlete,
but it is also crucial to what mentality the coaches have and whether the athlete receives support from home or if there is a lack of support.

The Old Medicine...

Her first encounter with ancient traditional medicine occurred through an accident,
specifically a severe car accident that made her stop and reflect on life and its fragility.
The female "alternative therapist" Inga, whom Johanna met, opened her eyes to a whole new world, a journey with no end.
The meeting with Inga, seen from a rear-view mirror perspective, became one of the most important meetings in Johanna's life and the gateway to what would become her future career choice.

Johanna still has the little note from Inga with three important keywords are written down.
Two of the three words on the note spoke of Johanna leading other people with the female power.
There and then, she understood far from everything; today, she knew exactly what Inga meant.

Another important event that set the direction of her future compass and made the compass needle point towards working with people and the old medicine was when she, after high school, had the opportunity to intern with the municipality's wellness planner, who also turned out to be a kinesiologist.
His practice made her understand that one could cure diseases in an alternative way by looking at the human from a holistic perspective.
At that time (more than 20 years ago), this was very unusual in Sweden.
His treatment method was more or less about curing people through mental exercise (correct thought), physical movement,
the right breathing, the right food, water, the proper sleeping routines, and more. In other words, he taught his clients to master the fundamentals.

An awakening

Johanna thought the work in the municipality and in a lot of places around with all kinds of people of different ages was insanely fun, and it felt especially meaningful. One day was not the same.
Some days she worked teaching "Ethics and Morals" in high school, and the other day with company executives, municipal politicians, addicts, and elite athletes.
 Johanna tells...

"I remember going to work wondering if you could have this much fun working; it didn't feel like a job,
and it felt like you were doing the benefit of helping people with all sorts of problems and, at the same time, developing them.
Many of the clients we worked with had significant health problems, and we used physical movement to heal them both mentally and physically.
To see how they shifted their mind before, during, and after the physical movement was profound."

Word quickly spread about Johanna and her working methods, and she began to receive various offers, including from elite teams in soccer -
who wanted her to travel with them and help the players heal their physical injuries.
Still, she turned down all offers as she had already started studying at university.
Work and the University were too far apart to combine, which was a big disappointment for Johanna as she loved the work.

Working with the municipality's wellness planner made her want to study psychology to understand how humans work.
The idea was initially that she would only study psychology for a year because her aim had always been focused on Law, and she would become a lawyer and work for human rights.

Bachelor and Master of psychology and research career

But instead, it was six years of study at Stockholm university that resulted in a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.
In parallel with her "Western" psychology studies, she also studied Eastern medicine and various Eastern therapy methods in-depth.
Slowly she began to design and increase her own treatment method, where the main focus was on movement and breathing.

It has been two decades since she laid the foundations for this unique method of work that she named Movement Medicine.
For many years, Johanna worked as a researcher while studying and also later when she opened her own clinic.
She was part of a research team at the Department of Psychology, where they researched how people are affected by stress.
They also observed how different stress markers, including cortisol, a common stress hormone, were also extensively researched and documented, how different business models contributed to ill health, reduced motivation and performance, and which models created the reverse.
In combination with her work at the Divisions of Biological Stress and Work and Organizational Psychology at Stockholm University, Johanna worked on various projects at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH), where research was primarily conducted on the link between stress and mental health/ill-health linked to performance.
The research team also worked with SOK, The Swedish Olympic Committee,
focusing on the individual achievements of different countries and what was significant for the teams that won and those that did not.
It was seen during that work, among other things, that the leaders who put their athletes' mental health first were those who had the most high-performing athletes. In contrast, the leaders who were "only" interested in winning became losers in all the measured categories.

Johanna spent her last years of research at the Stress Research Institute, focusing on sleep research and the importance of light for health.
She was part of a sleep research team with Professor Torbjörn Åkerstedt (currently Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm), where they were the first to draw attention to the fact that too much sleep is at least as insufficient for health as sleeping too little.

Buddhi House

In parallel with both studies and research, Johanna opened her own clinic,
which she named "Buddhi House" after the nickname "Big Buddha" given to her by her master in traditional Eastern medicine.
(The Big Buddha stands for ancient traditional medicine and the path of enlightenment).

Buddhi House became a free zone and a meeting place where she helped clients learn to understand themselves and life,
with the goal that they would achieve a stage of complete insight into their own and others' actions and how this affects both themselves and everything around them.
The most important thing to live "life to the fullest" is to be able to understand yourself and control your impulses that come from fear.
There, at Buddhi House, she also began to receive individual clients who had "fallen through the cracks" within the conventional healthcare system in Sweden.

Ancient history  

The traditional Eastern medicine that Johanna is based on has a history that stretches back more than 5,000 years.
Eastern medicine looks at how the mind, body, soul, and spirit interact together, that is, the whole,
while in Western medicine, one starts from a more delimited and isolated approach where one distinguishes the physical body from the mental, a razor-sharp line in between.
When Western health care works primarily to mitigate the symptoms of diseases with the help of synthetic medications,
the Eastern health care system primarily strives to locate and cure the root cause of why the disease has arisen in the first place and then rebalance both the mind and body naturally.

Thus, one gives the body and mind the right conditions to heal, which is quite possible by natural means. Johanna's exceptional ability to bring out the uniqueness of each individual and see how it relates to the larger, such as a work team, has meant that she has been asked to participate in many different contexts.
For example, she was involved in starting and working for a couple of years with a female leadership training company where they worked to educate large groups in the business world.
Her primary work was to educate business leaders, management teams, and teams on how to build new structures for the new fast-moving times in which we live and create new basic structures for sustainable development.

Johanna says that we, as people, businesses, community, families, couple, yes, everything, needs a new structure to deal with the new world.

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