With the two Sisters of Traditional East Medicine Johanna Morlor & Sandra Melin

The two sisters Sandra and Johanna have dedicated their lives to working with people and their health

 Every year we offer a small exclusive group the opportunity to get a Gold Membership.

 A Gold Membership is for those who really want to make the transformation journey as fast as possible,
 and are ready to commit to practicing weekly with us.
As a Gold member, you can choose between committing in either 12, 6, or 3 months.  

You don't get Gold Membership by just paying the annual fee.
First, one must apply for the Gold membership and be approved.  

The process of becoming a gold member takes place as follows

  • You submit your application.
  • We confirm that we have received your application and will provide you with suggestions for a date for your admission interview
  • We hold an admission interview with you where we ask questions about you and your goals and what you want to achieve for about one hour
  • Then we discuss internally whether we believe you are ready to start or whether you should wait for various reasons
  • You will be notified if you have been accepted or not.
  • We will return to information about the start date, which is usually 1-2 weeks after a favorable admission decision
  • You pay the full annual Gold Membership fee:$33,000 - 12 month plan, $17,400 - 6 month plan, $9,450 - 3 month plan. 
  • Your journey begins...

Start your self-transformation journey today...

A Gold Membership is a golden opportunity for you to transform yourself and your Life in one year totally in all levels: the seven subtitle bodies both mentally and physically.
All people have blockages in these seven layers which sooner or later becomes diseases mental and physical and gives you obstacles in your outside Life.

The root of the patterns that create blockages in your mind and body comes from your childhood or unresolved traumas.
This gives you many layers of negative unhealthy patterns that you have built up over many years.
These need to be transformed both in mind and body otherwise it leads to diseases.
This is a fast-track program that will cleanse your mind and body for a year and take you to a new level.
When you start to heal the root cause of your blockages, you prevent new diseases and new struggles in life.

This golden opportunity with us as your guides and support will heal and recreate the healthiness you were born with, both mentally and physically.
That means you will cleanse both physically and mentally from the old and recreate healthy and strong conscious behaviors within your mind and body.
In this process, you will become aware of your negative patterns that have created both illness and the same negative situations in your life, in both old and new circumstances.
Johanna is the founder of Movement Medicine, a practical behavioral therapy form that will shift your weak and unconscious behavior to become healthy, strong, and conscious behaviors.

Movement Medicine in combination with Sandra´s Indian – and Chinese herbal medicines will help you to heal the root cause of unhealthy and weak patterns, both in mind and body.
Their deep knowledge of new and old psychology and traditional medicine will give you great support to re-align to your life path so your life can start to work as it should.
Their guidance will help you to see clearer in all kinds of circumstances which will lead you to have the self-esteem and confidence to face all kinds of circumstances of life, with a new perception. But also have the ability to control your fear when it rises instead of acting it out or repressing it.

The root of most problems in people’s life is not coming from the outside.
It comes from fear and from you not taking responsibility.
The root of all problems in life, private and professional always comes from you acting from fear.
If something bad happens one time, is one thing and it will. It is a part of how “life” wants to awaken us and heal us.
But if it repeats you have not learned the lesson from it and you have not taken responsibility for your part in the situation. Some are waiting for others to solve their problem instead of being and creating their own solution. While others put all their energy into rescuing others as an excuse to take care of themselves.

If you are sitting in an airplane and the airplane is going to crash, first you must put on your oxygen mask before you can take care of others.
The same principles go for your life and everyone. If you are a burned-out or depressed mother or father, your children will be affected.
If you are not a present father/mother to your children or your partner, the relationship will be bad or end with separation.
If you are a stressed leader, it will affect everyone and how you lead, and how you make a decision.

What's included

The first session with Sandra is 4 hours with blueprint reading. A blueprint reading gives you information about your life path and life purpose and gives you guidance on where the emotional root of your blockage is hidden for your physical and mental problems. This session also includes herbal medicine consultation where Sandra will tell you which medicine/medicines she will start to give you and why.

The herbal medicine will help you quickly get to grips with the root problem that will cause you to develop diseases and recurring issues.

To align the herbal medicine to the healing process and your blueprint. 

The first session is 4 hours and includes talk about struggles in life and negative recurring behaviors.

With Movement Medicine as a tool Johanna will transform your unhealthy and weak behaviors into healthy, conscious, and strong behaviors.
 This is essential for you to create a different experience in all kinds of circumstances and transform your life to reflect your true nature and dharma, life-purpose.

In the 12 month plan you will get in total 110 hours of private sessions with Johanna (82 hours) and Sandra (28 hours).
In the 6 month plan you will get in total 55 hours of private sessions with Johanna (41 hours) and Sandra (14 hours).
In the 3 month plan you will get in total 27,5 hours of private sessions with Johanna (20,5 hours) and Sandra (7 hours).

You will also get personalized herbal medicines throughout the Gold membership period whether it is under 3, 6 or 12 months.

The membership fee shall be paid before the Gold Membership begins.


While Sandra tells you why and where you have the blockages, Johanna will see the same patterns created of your mind reflected in your body when she looks at the body and how you move. 

Welcome to your journey with us.
A journey where you will be reborn in the art of Life, that is movement

With Love Johanna & Sandra