The range of new courses is constantly increasing here at Morlor Education.
The Complete Movement Medicine bundle includes more than 20 + instructor-led teaching videos where the founder of Movement Medicine, Johanna Morlor, is your Master Teacher.

In The Complete Movement Medicine bundle, Johanna teaches you the basics of Movement Medicine and explains the philosophy behind this unique form of movement.
Breathing and meditation go hand in hand with Movement Medicine, so there are also films where Johanna guides you to deep relaxation.

New courses are added every month; in Movement Medicine, you never get entirely taught; there are always more dimensions to add.

great news is that we will shortly introduce courses with Medicine Martial Arts and Movement Weightlifting, two forms of movement that excellently complement Movement Medicine.

In addition to our online courses, we also offer you the opportunity to participate in our LIVE online classes, where Johanna guides you through various theme-based Movement Medicine classes, such as a class focusing on the pelvis and hips.

Johanna also holds LIVE-Online webinars where you, as a participant, can interact with her and ask questions.

During Private Sessions, you can make an appointment individually with Johanna or Peter, or why not book a session with them both?
In addition to guided Movement Medicine, meditation, and breathing exercises, you can also book an appointment for Business Mentoring, Brand building, Talk therapy, and Couples and Family Therapy.

Get more information about LIVE-Online and Private Sessions here: