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Why Movement Medicine?

Over the past twenty years, I have worked with clients worldwide with Movement Medicine.
These are some of the results they have achieved: 

  • Increased mental presence
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased energy level
  • Increased balance
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Increased strength
  • Increased coordination skills
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased well-being
  • Increased circulation in the body
  • Increased cognition ability
  • Increased overall health

Watch Johanna talk about Movement Medicine

what is Movement Medicine?

Hi there!

My name is Johanna Morlor, and I am the founder of the movement from – Movement Medicine.  
For over 20 years, I have worked with people with movement as one of the most important factors in staying healthy and maintaining health, even as an older adult.  

As humans, we are evolutionarily made to move, whether we like it or not.
Many people associate movement with coercion and achievement.  
But, for me, movement has always been the ultimate freedom and a mainstay of both physical and mental health and spiritual peace.  
Moving physically should not be something we feel forced to do; it should instead be an inner journey and liberating.  

Although Movement Medicine is physical movements, it is not a "workout"; it is a "Work-in.”  
If I were to describe the concept of Movement Medicine as a form of movement, I would say that it has influences from yoga, Qigong, traditional martial arts, and dance.  
Soft, fluid series of motion without force and rigid stretch positions.  

Physical movement from one form to another without beginning or end, where one does not hold on to something, is not only the basis for all life but also the basis for both your breathing practice and meditation practice to have the intended effect.  
A body in bad shape, with places where it hurts, and which is oversized or under-stimulated, is like a dilapidated house.  
How can your breathing practice and meditation practice be optimal if you have not given yourself the conditions to do so?  

To go from movement to stillness on which Movement Medicine is based is to transform the old physical practice and adapt it to what we humans need.  
To learn to move from movement to stillness.  
Learning to move in all directions without getting stuck.  
Movement Medicine is based on the principles of ancient medicine, which are timeless.  
Today, many (I would say almost all) people of all ages are overstimulated and overloaded.  
To sit down and do nothing and really be able to experience stillness where no external stimuli are involved is for most people very challenging.
You only rest when you must or when you have become ill!    

The concept behind Movement Medicine that I have developed over these past 20 years is simple:

  • Movement Medicine should be easy to perform anywhere, anytime, by anyone.
  • As a practitioner, you should be able to choose at what level you want to challenge yourself. 
  • The exercises should improve balance, strength, fitness, coordination, cognition, and mobility and increase blood and lymphatic fluid flow in the body. But also what we call QI and Prana.  Qi stands for life energy and has a separate flow network that runs all over the body. Your unique life energy is not released if the body is not balanced.  In other words, when you have blockages in your body, it is not only blood and lymphatic vests that do not flow effectively but also your life force.  Prana also means life energy or bioenergy, but if QI moves in the meridians, then Prana moves in the Nadine system. These two "systems" run across the body in slightly different ways.  Both systems and our brain and physical body aim to optimize each person's mental, emotional, and physical health and to "liberate" the individual's life force – the soul.    
  • Each movement in Movement Medicine has a specific purpose and affects the practitioner physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The various movements all break flight, struggle, and put your head in the sand, which comes from fear, unawareness, and lack of self-control.  Movement Medicine transforms these behaviors into healthy and strong ones that allow you to control your fears and reverse your behaviors when you have lost self-control so that you act consciously and intelligently in the given situation. Only when you have trained both the brain and the body to function as one unit will you get in touch with your inner self and begin to feel who you are from within instead of seeking who you are in the external reality.     
  • We train to increase our ambidextrous ability to achieve equivalence between the body's two halves, which also directly impacts both halves of the brain.  There should be slight differences between our sides in both the brain and the body, but if they exceed 3%, we already have imbalances that take shape that can manifest in illness or various symptoms.   
  • In other words, Movement Medicine as a form of medicine does not take anything away or act as a quick fix.  However, it heals the root cause and cures all the symptoms that belong to the root cause.  When clients apply to me, they often think the problem has a different root cause than the one I see when I meet them.  The physical body has its own psychology; it is like a map of our negative and positive behaviors, and it is easy for me to see the root cause.   
  • With Movement Medicine, you will develop your best health, be your best self, learn to create your individual life, and experience a prosperous life. 

I could write an entire book (I'm actually working on it) about Movement Medicine and its physiological and psychological benefits, but instead of trying to convince you of all the good effects, you will experience, I ask you to try it yourself and form your own opinion. Give it a real chance! You will notice results already after the first time. Feel free to go in here (link) and read more about me and my background. I am theoretically trained in Western psychology and Eastern medicine and have grounded my practical experience through thousands of client hours.

Movement is life – life is movement 

/ Johanna Morlor

Today there are more than 20+ courses in The Complete Movement Medicine Bundle,
and more are added on an ongoing basis

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