The Morlors

In Our Manifest, we write that our contribution to creating positive change and making the world a little better is to convey our message about health, including how we define the concept of health.  
When we work with our clients and groups, we start from ancient traditional knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years while at the same time keeping abreast of the latest research.  
When you stand with "one foot in each world,” you can see that it is possible to connect new research to ancient knowledge that has not been documented or studied according to current premises but instead passed on orally from person to person.    

Eastern and Western perspectives    

The old traditional knowledge is often summarized as "Eastern medicine & philosophy.”  
To give a brief description of the approach prevailing in Eastern philosophy and medicine, one can explain it as the focus of that doctrine is placed on how the mind,
body, and soul interact together, that is, the whole, while according to the Western view, especially in Western healthcare, one is clinically starting from distinguishing the physical body from the psychic.  

When Western healthcare works primarily to reduce the symptoms of the diseases with the help of mainly synthetic medications, Eastern medicine strives to cure the root cause of the disease through natural medication, movement, conversation, self-reflection, breathing exercises, meditation, healthy eating, and lifestyle, and finally by finding out the root causes of why the disease has arisen.  
For the most part, there is no unequivocal answer to why illness occurs.
Still, instead, it is in most cases due to a combination between unhealthy food and lifestyle combined with improper or too little physical movement and unprocessed emotions or traumas.  
For many, that adverse events, low self-esteem, self-condemnation, and feelings and thoughts, in general, have a direct physical impact on the body are an unknown fact.
In Western healthcare, patients are increasingly being told that the cause of their disease is genetic and that nothing can be done about it; this is a motto that we point out as incorrect.

Although there are genetic predispositions to getting a disease, but the genes must be activated for it to blossom, and the gene activation process is, in our opinion, essentially linked to the choice of a wrong lifestyle and psychological beliefs.  
We want to point out that we are not against Western healthcare but are more of the opinion that it has become too specialist and profit-driven, and with that, the vital holistic view of man has been lost.  
We also experience an "internal communication gap" between different departments, doctors, and actors in Western healthcare that, in many cases, causes counterproductive situations that result in wrong decisions.  

Being healthy requires preventive work; once you get sick, it's too late.  
Of course, we do not mean that it is too late to do something about it, you can always do that, but the best antidote to illness is to work daily with preventive health to minimize the risk of getting sick at all in the first stage.  
Most clients who come to us have deliberately neglected themselves and their health greatly for an extended period and, in many cases, have had a sudden awakening through a severe illness message, or they have heard the alarm bells ring loudly when minor health problems have made themselves felt more and more often and at that moment made an active decision to do something about it.  
Unfortunately, the latter category is in the minority.

Health and ill-health are not static states; health you create, just like ill-health.  
A disease, in many cases, takes many years to develop.  
It I not uncommon that instead of making an active change, you choose to ignore or deny the fact that you have health problems, and then when the disease escalates, you panic and choose quick short-term solutions in the belief that you can quickly get well again.  
Healing a disease can take as long as it has taken to create it, and there are rarely any working "quick fixes" that do not have unfavorable consequential effects.  
Our bodies are fantastic at healing themselves if we give them the right conditions to do so, and it is precisely creating the right conditions that are a fundamental part of the work that we do with our clients.    

The sick medical service...  

So much has been lost in human evolution, not least in the last decades when everything is going faster and faster.  
Old proven knowledge is forgotten and dismissed in the modern world as non-scientific.  
Modern science has become our new God to whom we rely on and submit.
Ancient medicinal plants are singled out as scam preparations, while prominent pharmaceutical companies patent drugs with precisely the same plant as active substance; to subsequently make them prescription so that they can only be prescribed by licensed doctors and purchased at pharmacies.  

If a doctor in Sweden were to recommend a patient "natural remedies,” they run a high risk of being reported to IVO, the Inspectorate of Health and Social Care, and losing their doctor’s license.  
In Sweden, the state subsidizes the highest cost of the drug, which means that the taxpayers must foot the bill for the difference between the pharmaceutical company's pricing and what the end-user must pay when they pick up their medicine at the pharmacy.  
It can be said that economic development rarely goes hand in hand with what is best for man, seen from a larger perspective.  

We wish there could be a collaboration between what in Sweden has been called "alternative health care, that is, the type of natural health care that we advocate, and the regular health care under the same administration.  
If health care is to be subsidized by tax money, as in Sweden, why not also include "alternative health care" then?
The main goal should be for those who are sick to get well, and if this can be done with "alternative" health care and natural medicines that do not generate any side effects, then why not?  

For those who are the slightest bit conspiratorially inclined, there is a lot of "firewood for the fire" in the Western healthcare system.  
In such conspiratorial reasoning, the final questions may well be: Is a healthy and disease-free population sought at all?   Is there a genuine desire to cure people of illness, or is it instead did the goal of suppressing disease symptoms with expensive tax-subsidized medications?
When side effects arise from already prescribed symptom-reducing medications, additional medications are prescribed to take care of the side effects from the first medication, resulting in a phenomenon referred to in the gambling world as "the house always wins.”

As long as this procedure is accepted, the pharmaceutical companies' coffers are replenished by the fact that the most commonly prescribed medications are cheap to produce and are, based on the manufacturing price, expensive to buy, and that, in many cases, they are used continuously for decades by the person who has them prescribed.  
In 2020, pharmaceuticals were sold for SEK 8,672 billion (based on the manufacturers' sales price).
Drugs worth just over SEK 44 billion were sold in Sweden alone, where taxpayers were involved in financing just over SEK 30 billion in subsidies.
In research, research grants are allocated primarily for new research that leads to the development of new drugs, so in many cases, it is the pharmaceutical companies that either have their research departments or allocate funds for external research, which, if it wants well, leads to them being able to become producers and patent new drugs.

Applying for funding for research on, for example, how the nutritional content changes in different foods depending on how they are produced is difficult; unfortunately, there is no primary commercial interest in it.  It is, above all, not in the interest of food producers to shed light on the issue because you do not want to "wake up a sleeping bear.”  
If the same food federation were instead to develop methods where there is a hypothetical possibility of increasing yields by 50%, this would be very interesting because volume goes for quality.  

We do not belong to those who are conspiratorial.  
Still, we also do not turn a blind eye to what reality looks like and usually say that we have a sick health care system supported by commercial interests that take precedence over the health of both the individual and the entire population.    

How we work with clients...   

To help our clients and groups achieve health and their individual highest possible potential, we use a few different methods, of which movement is one of those that is always included.  
We, humans, are made to move, literally.  
If we move too little or perform incorrect training, this quickly has physical consequences and psychological ones.  
Most of the so-called "welfare diseases" that exist today and increase in number can be prevented through physical movement.  
We use Movement Medicine, which outwardly resembles a mix between Kalaripayattu, an ancient Indian martial arts form, Qigong, and Kathakali, a traditional Indian dance, and yoga.

Each individual movement we do has a specific mental and physical purpose.  
Significant activity breaks an unhealthy and weak behavior and strengthens a healthy and robust behavior both psychologically and physiologically.  
Movement Medicine (MM) and Medicine Martial Arts (MM:A) are two unique working methods to balance people and give them a platform to stand on mentally and physically, from where they can develop their potential to a level that most people are entirely unaware that they are capable of doing.  

Read more about how Johanna created Movement Medicine and how she, together with Peter, implemented the Movement Medicine theories in the martial arts form that they have named Medicine Martial Arts.  
Apart from movement, we attach great importance to food and nutrition; we call it Food as Medicine (FAM).
We “stick our necks out” and proclaim that food is one of the most significant contributors to many typical and recently sharply increasing diseases.

There are more "diets" and trends in diet now than ever, and it is difficult to even for those who think they are familiar with navigating the many and often contradictory advice.  
Go into a regular grocery store and sort out any processed food containing sugar or sweetener (even natural), wheat, gluten, and additives for flavor, texture, or color.
How much will be left?  Little.  
If you add to that the environment and the ethics aspect, that is, you want to eat non-toxic food that is ethically produced, there will only be a handful of goods left in the store.  
That's the reality, and that's the one we have to deal with...  

Working on oneself Suppose movement and food are two primary critical ingredients in our work.
In that case, we also want to emphasize the importance of the other areas that we attach great importance to, which are the general way for way form of life, managing and understanding stress, thoughts, and emotions, how these affect us, and how we can learn to be self-observational to be able to navigate in all the circumstances that life offers us.  
Our main goal is to teach our clients and course participants how they can create a life where they can both be high-performing and successful but still reward health and prevent disease and at the same time live harmoniously and well-balanced.  

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