Below you can read about the sessions that Johanna and Peter offer.

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In these sessions, Johanna or Peter will help you to become aware of behaviors that create repeated negative experiences in new situations in your life and support you to break these patterns and think and act differently. Often, these patterns go back to our childhood and our lack of knowledge of how we function as humans and how we can heal and transform our lives if we heal the root cause in ourselves by giving ourselves the right circumstances to heal. 

In these sessions, Johanna, or Peter, or both will guide and support you. Over the years Johanna and Peter have found out that working together with other couples is a very effective method. In these sessions, the couples can have a male and female perspective not related to the gender, but the psychological differences that it represents. When it comes to family therapy all members of the family are not always included, it depends on what is needed for healing. 

Many of Johanna's clients are business leaders or entrepreneurs and belong to the absolute top actors in their field. For many years, Johanna dedicated all her time to only working with leadership training in companies. You could say that Johanna is the “invisible leader” behind the leaders. Peter has many years of experience as a CEO and COO in several companies and uses his significant experience to mentor leaders in all kinds of companies. Many companies use Johanna and Peter's expertise to create a foundation and a business culture.  

Peter is a master at helping you to create a unique brand that represents the real you and your business. His strength is to think (and act) out of the conventional box and help you to visualize and express your authentic voice in this world. This creative process will be a joyful journey for you as a client, where you will redefine and reduce things to their essence.  

Johanna is the founder and Master of Movement Medicine and it is a tool that she has been developing and refining over the past 20 years. Johanna calls Movement Medicine “Practical psychology,” which she uses to help her clients to break and rebuild unhealthy and weak behavior in both the mind and body. The medicine not only heals both mind and body but also helps you become aware of your unconscious behavior and act consciously. Many clients who have practiced regularly with Johanna, live or online, witnessed that Movement Medicine has transformed their lives. Some effects of Movement Medicine: Physical freedom (no pain in the body, physical freedom, the stomach works, sleep well, energy from morning to night) and mental stability.     

If Movement Medicine is the “Queen of feelings” (digesting all emotions and life experiences), breathwork is the “king of the mind.” Breathwork is included in all Movement Medicine sessions, and most clients have specific breathwork to optimize their mind control and health. The first thing Johanna is working on within these sessions is helping you access your breathing muscle to do the breathing work efficiently.

Johanna will take you to a deeply relaxed state and guide you in a meditation most beneficial for you personally.