The Philosophical Mentor

Even the longest journey starts with a single step / Peter Morlor

About Peter Morlor

Those who know Peter know that he has always gone his own way to find the answers.
The propensity to seek his own path seems innate as his surroundings often went in the opposite direction,
which he often perceived as heavy and complex as a young man.  
In adulthood, however, he is hugely grateful for the gift of being able to see a "bigger picture" that, in many cases, does not harmonize with the conventional notion of what is the right path.  

His analytical abilities have guided him in many different contexts and have always been his bright guiding light,
not least during his years as COO of various companies.  

The country boy

Peter grew up in a small town in the countryside with nature and animals as a natural part of his everyday life.
In nature, he calibrates himself again after hectic working and traveling days.
It is also where he finds inspiration for his various creative expressions that have always taken a prominent place in his life.  
The creation of text is part of his daily life and takes its surface print by writing poetry and poems as well as articles and various ongoing book projects.  

The photographer

As important as creating text, it has been for him to create images.  
His interest was piqued early on, and he spent hours in the school's darkroom learning how to conjure up images and create various photo-artistic expressions.  
He still has a penchant for the black/white visual arts and prefers to create black/white images himself over color images, but of course, he also performs missions in which he takes photographs in color.
Further down the page, you can send him your booking request if you want to hire him as a photographer.

The sportsman

In the 1990s, he combined his passions for text and image creation by producing articles for various fitness and fitness magazines that wove into another great interest: Sport.  
Peter has always been physically active.  
As a child, he was rarely still; when he did not ride his horse, he literally lived on wheels as he rode rollerblades, skateboarded, and rode unicycles almost daily.  
It was not uncommon to see him riding his unicycle with a whole bag of food in each hand after being at the local store shopping for food for his mother.  
The very first sport that Peter engaged in a more organized form, he did as a child when he began to practice wrestling, more precisely, traditional Greek-Roman wrestling.
His introduction to martial arts later led him to practice Taekwondo, Boxing, K1, and Muay Thai. His solid martial arts background has been an essential part of the design of  Movement Material Arts, which he and his wife Johanna teach their clients.  

In addition to the martial arts, he also practiced ice hockey, various strength sports, and American football at the elite level for many years.  
A serious injury caused him to put his football helmet on the shelf for good and instead devote himself to calmer sports.  

Peter is physically active every day of the week as part of his lifestyle.  
To "Act as he preaches" is his most important motto.  
He still practices martial arts a couple of times a week, though now entirely with a focus on movement and comprehensive training.  
In addition to martial arts, he swims and does Movement Medicine and Movement Weightlifting daily.  

The Mentor

At the end of the 1990: s, Peter started by working as a coach and mentor, back then primarily with elite athletes and teams.
Still later, he also included working with “normal people,” guiding them to live healthfully.  

As he made his name known as a mentor, coach, and writer; where he wrote articles about diet, exercise, and health, and he began to be in demand as a lecturer in various contexts.
Today, he lectures in particular on lifestyle, diet, and health and is booked by companies, schools, associations, and sports clubs.  

Peter's theoretical knowledge is solid, and leans towards his long practical experiences combined with modern research studies.  
As part of Peter's work in Morlor Education, he holds theoretical lectures for the participants, a feature that has been much appreciated.  

Read more about Peter and how he works here below.    

If you want to work with Peter as a company, group, family, couple, or individually you are welcome to send your request.
You can also book him for seminars, workshops, or private retreats.

Peter also takes commercial photography assignments all over the world.
To hire him, you need to send a detailed request in which you accurately describe the mission.    

The art of photography
by Peter Morlor

Art has always been a great part of my life.
 Below, you can see some of the magic moments I have captured through my lens.