"My ambition is always to guide my clients to get the best possible results in the shortest time possible.
Achieving this requires a mutual commitment based on the responsibility of both parties to do their very best"

The ears hears – The senses listening / Peter Morlor 


If I am asked to summarize my work in a single word, I choose the word health.
But to give you a deeper understanding, I need to start by explaining my definition of health.
Health is not an individual condition that one can achieve in part; either you have good health, or you don't.
Just like you can't be nearly pregnant or almost sick, you also can't be almost healthy, you are, or you're not.

To exemplify, I usually say that it is impossible to have a healthy body while suffering from mental illness and the opposite. It is often claimed that we humans are very different from each other, but the truth is that we have more similarities than differences. Our differences are often linked to ethnicity, religion, culture, and environmental and environmentally unique factors. Still, these are only external non-biological factors because we are all copies of each other at the cellular level.

We all carry imprints that we have brought with us through life in different ways.  
Some are genetic, and others are linked to hereditary and environmental factors.  
These imprints can lead to negative behaviors as well as positive ones.
As a first step in living healthily, it's good to really "get to know yourself" in-depth to achieve a stage of complete self-awareness eventually.

– What or what events make me react in a particular way?
– Why do I react the way I do, and what is my underlying feeling?  
– What are my "triggers"?

 These questions and many others are frequently occurring issues in the monologue of the self-conscious man with himself.

Relationships are everything...

Part of my work lies in making people's negative imprints and behaviors visible to them so that they can become aware of how these affects both themselves and themselves in relation to other people because, as we always say, everything is based on relationships.
Maybe it's not something you've thought of; too often, the word relationship is used only to describe relationships with one's life partner, but you have a relationship with everyone and everything.                            

How you deal with the stress that large crowds can cause you is a form of relationship, and how you emotionally react to the storm that blows up on your first day of vacation is an example of another relationship.  
At the same time, your approach to your partner, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and fellow human beings is the third example.

There are, of course, many more examples.  
So, in summary, relationships are how you relate to all the external and internal circumstances that happen in the present, have occurred in the past, and that you expect to happen in your future.  

Four main areas

When I explain how I work, I usually break down the imaginary 360° image that constitutes "total health" into smaller components.  
These can summarize in four main areas:

  •  Physical health (strength, fitness, coordination, balance, mobility)
  •  Mental health (the ability to be able to manage one's thoughts, emotions, emotions, and impulses, and to have self-awareness, perception, and cognition) 
  •  Social health (relationships, being able to relate to all environments, and managing on your own in society)
  •  Referoric Health (From the Latin word refero meaning "Refer to). (Includes himself about everything from a non-anthropocentric point of view)

Within each main area, I start with different working methods adapted to each client's needs.
Each part is essential, but the difference is that different people need to work with some areas more than others. If you want to read more about how we define health, you can do so here below. 

To stay healthy, you need healthy relationships / Peter Morlor

The treatment plan...

To map a client's needs, I always start with the starting point from a conversation where they tell me what they want help with, what problems they think they have, and what their ambition and goals are.
Based on the answers, I create a treatment plan to present to the client.
As I mentioned earlier, these needs can differ depending on a variety of circumstances and variables and include a variety of parameters such as age, health status – both emotionally, mentally, and physically, body type, diet, lifestyle, and the person's willingness to develop their total capacity and resilience.

For example, a treatment plan might include work to improve a client's physical health,
and then I use tools like Movement Medicine, Movement Martial Arts, and Movement Weightlifting. 
The great thing about exercising physically is that it also helps to affect our mental health;
you could say that you get it for free in the bargain, at least to a certain level based on what happens purely biochemically in our bodies when we are physically active.  

When it comes to mental health, I mainly work by having deep conversations with clients to make visible behaviors that they are usually unaware of.
As the client's self-consciousness grows, many pieces often fall into place,
not least how they can learn to relate to things I categorize under Social and Referoric Health above.  

Food as Medicine

Food is a significant and essential part of one’s strives to be and live a healthy life; that is why we claim that Food is Medicine.  
Providing the body with proper nutrition in the right amounts is fundamental to staying healthy.
At this time, there are more types of diets and dietary advice than anyone can overlook,
even me, who has a genuine and burning interest in the subject.  
I'm not going to go into detail here about what I recommend to my clients because even that can differ from person to person, but what I recommend to you strongly is not to believe all sorts of magical diets and claims you read about; there are no "quick fixes.”  
My background in offering help with diet and nutrition issues was founded in 1990: s when I, as a successful elite athlete, applied my acquired knowledge to other athletes who wanted to achieve their goals.  
Over time, my orientation changed to more and more start working with "ordinary people" who wanted to achieve various health goals.  

I prefer to cook my own food so i know exactly what it contains. / Peter Morlor

Below is a selection of services that I and Johanna offer our clients.
On some occasions, my work takes place together with my wife Johanna (therefore, I sometimes write "I" and sometimes "We" or "Ours" here in the text), for example, when we offer Couples Meets Couple sessions or at specific group educations where her specialist knowledge comes in handy.
When we offer Couples Meets Couple sessions or at specific group educations where her specialist knowledge comes in handy.

Different services are often combined according to the client's special uniqueness.  
For example, if we work with a company, we might combine team-coaching with individual mentoring in combination with dietary advice, Movement Medicine and physical training,
and similar arrangements; We, of course, also offer for individual clients.

Do you doubt that you can achieve your goals?
I have extensive experience guiding groups and teams towards success.  

Our mentorship programs are always individually personalized.  
We work with all types of people, young and old, as well as entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, high performers, or low performers.  
Are you, or do you know someone who needs mentorship?  
Contact us, and we will get back to you with more information about how we work.  

If you are in a poorly functioning relationship, external advice may be needed from an impartial person in many cases.  
For couples needing couples counseling, we also offer the opportunity "Couple meets Couples.” 
My wife Johanna and I participate during the session with your partner to get both a male and a female perspective.
In all forms of relationships, communication is essential for positive development.  
It is often precisely at this point that many people get stuck, which is why we attach great importance to bringing all parties to understand their part in communication.  
Our well-developed working methods are designed to overcome this common problem.  

We are all different; there are several other factors to consider when it arranges diet programs, depending on the starting status and goals.  Whether the goal is weight gain, the opposite, or part of healing an illness, symptom, or injury, I can guide you from a comprehensive health perspective.  

Today’s most common cause of the ten most common "folk diseases" is an improper lifestyle.  Do you want to, or have you gotten to that stage where you've realized you have no choice but to make a change? Contact me.  I will take you by hand, take you from A to Z, and customize an individual program.  

We offer various forms of physical activity; these include:

Movement Medicine: Medical Yoga where each movement has a specific function.

Movement Martial Arts: Traditional martial arts focused on precision, technique, and movement from a
 "Non-Violence" perspective.

Relaxation: Training that includes mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation.

Movement Weightlifting: For increased muscle strength, explosiveness, and speed.  

Remember that physical activity not only results in becoming healthy and physically more robust but also mentally stronger.  

Education: Johanna and I continuously offer different types of education through Morlor Education,
from short introductory courses to longer courses that run for six months or a year.
In addition to the fixed ongoing courses, we tailor customized education to our client's wishes.  
Our training occurs both at our clients and in our Studio in central Stockholm and Online over Zoom.
Examples of different parts that can be included in our education depending on whom they are aimed at are:

  • Nutrition and diet 
  • Theoretical information about lifestyle change
  • Movement Medicine – Medical Yoga
  • The art of communication
  • Theory of the body with a focus on physiology and psychology
  • Martial Arts (martial arts) from the perspective of movement and Non-Violence
  • Relaxation – Theory and practice of mindfulness, meditation, breathing, and relaxation
  • Self-leadership •Leading from your feminine power even as a man

We help companies build a healthy corporate structure and culture with a focus on "The individual as a whole,” that is, you as an employer understand that all individuals are unique with unique needs and can generate an outstanding contribution back to the company.

We are experienced lecturers and, just as in our education, offer lectures with specific and customized content. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or want to get a suggestion for a tailor-made lecture.
We hold physical lectures at any location or online over Zoom.

Are you writing a book or article about health and exercise, or maybe you need an expert on the TV couch for your program or another forum? Get in touch with us, and we will do something creative together!

Clients have many different reasons why they contact us; if you want to know what the most common reasons are you can read this. Most common reason clients contact us

Accessibility options 
To meet the different needs of all clients, we offer the following working methods and options:

Who can become a client? 
You can book an appointment with us as an individual client for private sessions, as a couple or family at counseling, and as a group, sports team, or company.

Where do we meet? 
We offer different options depending on what our clients want help with.

You Come to Us 
We meet through physical meetings in our studio in Stockholm City.
Possible for all the services we offer.

We Come to You 
Physical meetings at your specified location.
This possibility exists for both individuals, groups, and companies.
Read more about the terms and conditions here:

Online meetings 1:1 
Possible for all services except Movement Martial Arts and the Medical treatments offered by Johanna.

Morlor Education Online Portal 
A digital subscription service where subscribers get access to courses in Movement Medicine, Movement Martial Arts, Movement Weightlifting, Breathworks, and Meditation.
Here, you will also find health-related articles, recipes, and tips on healthy food.
As a subscriber, you subscribe to the service and pay $10/month annually.

Morlor Education LIVE 
Periodically, we have theme-based LIVE seminars Online where we practice Movement Medicine, breathwork, Meditation, and talk about personal development.
Since we have clients worldwide, considering the time difference between different continents, we offer live seminars LIVE Asia, LIVE Europe, and LIVE US.
More information about the different LIVE seminars can be read here:

If you have questions about our services, want a tailor-made program, book a lecture, get a quote, or have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us below.