Ask yourself the question, – What is my contribution to creating a better world?

Whether you think you've contributed something that creates value or not, it's never too late to do so in any way. We develop our reasoning below... Creating or contributing to a better world is a saying that is used frequently in different contexts.

Still, we think it is a bit grandiosely expressed because the words in their proper sense would imply a change that is beneficial to everyone and everything, that is, not only from an anthropocentric point of view with the human at the center, but then also improvements which include animals, plants, the entire biosphere, the atmosphere, and yes, probably the entire universe if one is to include anything that affects every other in one form or another, so so far we don't know of any human being who has directly contributed to a "better world,” but unfortunately too many examples to the contrary.

The fact that man places himself, his race, his culture, his group, and his historical heritage at the center is widespread and behavior that not only forms the basis of discord between different human groupings but hurts the entire ecosystem so as not to forget how anthropocentric egoism also has a negative impact in our most ordinary relationships.
Of course, we do not mean that it is not possible to make significant changes but to make big changes, you often must start first by making small ones first, and a good aspiration is to have the ambition to create by changing things in your immediate surroundings in the most positive direction possible.

As a first step, one can start by looking at oneself and one's behavior from an outsider's perspective to pay attention with self-examination to things that can be improved in a quest to achieve what we usually define as "one's very best self,” or "the best possible version of oneself.”
This may sound a bit "fuzzy,” but it is no stranger than, for example, an athlete or musician striving for complete perfection through diligent training. Metaphorically speaking, in a quest to become "your very best self,” you are the instrument and personal development measure of your development.

To become reasonable, as with everything else, you also must practice a lot. Our contribution to creating positive change in the world lies in a quest to help people live healthily and sustainably, because as we always say: ¬" Who or what are we without our health?
Think about the question from different perspectives, and you very quickly conclude that the day a person loses their health, they lose so infinitely more than that. Unfortunately, the awakening usually happens too late when no margins are left, which many have experienced both directly and indirectly.

Health cannot be bought for money, and there are no quick fixes! You can acquire knowledge through money in different ways, but at the end of the day, you must be prepared to do the required work necessary for you.
Through our ambition to spread our health message, we are also automatically ambassadors through our aim to extend our health message.

good ambassador lives as it teaches, and we do that every day of the week, year-round, year after year.
But it's not enough to just talk and write about health (there are an incredible number of theorists...).
One must practice, manifest, and “be healthy. “ Thus, practice as we preach, is our most important motto.
If we can change one person through our work, what rings on the water spreads to the next...

Defining the concept of health To help people become and live healthily, there must be clear guidelines for what it means.

In our ambition to guide and educate people to better health, our hope is also that our clients pass on our message to their acquaintances, who hopefully share the information with them and so on… In this way, an exponentially growing Health Movement is created that contributes to significant cost savings for the public sector in the form of the reduced needs of the community individuals in future care and course, also more people who feel genuinely good.

Morlor Code of Conduct

We have a basic code of conduct that is our guiding principle when working with individual clients and groups, which means the following:

  • All people, regardless of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religious view, political views, or belonging to any minority or other socially classified subgroup, are welcome.
  • We cherish an environment where political impartiality and a secular outlook on life prevail, so we do not have discussions about what is considered right or wrong linked to religion or politics. As a client of ours, on the other hand, one is entirely free to have those political and religious views of life that one considers to be the right ones in one's own opinion.
  • It is of the utmost importance that clients and course participants fully accept that different people may have different opinions and do not value dissenting opinions as erroneous or wrong about their own.
  • Mutual respect means that we respect each other's behavior and opinions and act and speak kindly to each other in all circumstances.
  • Sarcasm and sexual allusions/invites are not tolerated, nor are physical violence or sexual touching.
  • We offer all our clients complete privacy.
  • We are entirely impartial in our statements and assessments.

Welcome to a journey without end...