"Healing and optimal growth is the work of change"
/ Johanna Morlor

Suppose we want to have optimal health and achieve our highest possible potential as human beings.
In that case, we need to practice being able to change ourselves. 

The purpose of a retreat is to change the environment from the home environment to another place where you can find greater rest and disconnect from the everyday.  
Under these conditions, you can achieve significant changes in a short time that you can take with you back into everyday life.

That's why we call our Retreats Transformations Retreat because that's precisely what it's about.
The purpose of attending a retreat is that you, for a few days in an isolated environment with guidance from us, get the opportunity to practice Movement Medicine, breathing, meditation and reflect on your life and your behaviour's and how different things are connected and affect you.
We all have specific "programming" that characterizes us; these can be genetic and inherited via different environments we have lived in.  
These "programmings" are not static, they can be changed, but the first step involves becoming aware of them.  
It is only after that that one can begin the process of change.           

Your mental well-being affects your physical and vice versa...  

It is common for us to be met with skepticism when we point out that mental trauma is reflected in the physical body and vice versa.  
People today have become so accustomed to considering the body as an object assembled from different parts, according to the same principle as, for example, one considers things as a house.
If a pipe leaks, you call the plumber; if the lighting does not work, you call the electrician further.
Likewise, if problems arise with our physical body, one turns to a heart specialist, orthopedist, dermatologist, or any other specialist.  
You are referred to psychologists and psycho-therapeutic treatment if there are mental health problems.  

We have helped many people with cognitive, psychological, and physical diseases to become healthy, entirely without drugs or surgical procedures, but instead by practicing conscious physical movements such as
Movement Medicine and Movement Martial Arts and helping clients raise awareness and make visible negative programming and behaviors.  

Our retreats rest on three fundamental pillars.

Movement – Food – Relaxation

Movement includes Movement Medicine and sometimes also Movement Martial Arts.  

Food is all about understanding nutrition. 
Food is our Medicine.
Both exercise and nutrition are essential to life and well-being, and health.  
There has never been a more comprehensive range of diets, supplements, and "superfoods" than now, making it easy to get lost.  
Relaxation is a broad sector, including, for example, meditation, breathing exercises, stimuli-limiting activities, and conversations.  

We offer tailor-made retreats that are adapted to the needs of our participants.  
The basic range always includes different forms of movement, relaxation, and theoretical education.
The academic training internship is focused on how we humans works physically and mentally.  
But we also do "Retreats on Demand," where participants decide what they want to immerse themselves in and devote the most time to.    

Below we answer common questions that we usually get about our retreats.  
If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please feel free to contact us directly.    
You can also send us an offer request for a private retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everyone can participate, young and old. We have many families who have booked their private retreats with us. Other joint personal retreats include when companies make a reservation for their management team or different company departments.
We have also had retreats with sports teams, schools, and various friendship groups. Once, we had a retreat with a couple who had booked a private retreat on their honeymoon.
We call this an actual declaration of love for each other!

There are two main categories of retreats, open and closed.  
The available open retreats are mixed groups where anyone can participate after booking their place.
The available retreats are categorized into subgroups such as retreats for female participants only,
for male-only or mixed groups with both.

In addition, we may have specific specifically themed retreats that, for example, have the main focus on meditation.  

When it comes to the closed retreats, i.e., the private ones, all participants are invited explicitly by a "client.” This can be a company, a leader, or a private individual.

There's no limitation when it comes to privat retreats; we’ve had retreats for a single person as well, as we've had very large groups.
Regarding open retreats, we usually limit the number of participants to 20 people.

The length of private retreats is different, but we recommend a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 9 days, but it ultimately depends on the client's wishes and needs.  
The open retreats usually last between four days and a week.   

For open retreats, we choose different places in the world where you as a participant should be able to let go of the everyday chores, eat good food, and rest in between the different sessions that take place during the day.    Usually, you have one session in the morning and one in the afternoon; in between is rest.    

When it comes to private retreats, the client can choose the place.
However, we have a list of requirements that must be met.  
Sometimes, the client gives us the task of finding a suitable place, and then we return with several proposals based on the requirements.     

We will post information when there are planned retreats.  
If you subscribe, you will also receive a newsletter with information about upcoming retreats.    

Payment can be made either directly by secure payment by credit card or by direct transfer to our bank.

Read our cancellation terms here.