We are blessed with amazing clients!  

Many of them have been with us for years, and we have shared countless happy moments together.  

Read here below what some of them have to say... 

" This education taught me to find, feel, and understand my body and soul. Through security and guidance from wise and loving mentors like Johanna and Peter, I have had the opportunity to grow like never before. If you exclude all the amazing knowledge you gain along the way, the education has made me change and understand things that I didn't think were possible.
This education gives you insights into your physical and mental health in a way that makes you understand the knowledge in depth. With the combination of Johanna's magical way of looking at people in motion through her Movement Medicine and Peter's knowledge of all the details of the theoretical part of the education, you really get the best of both worlds.
There are no other people on this earth that I respect more than Johanna and Peter. I wish everyone had the opportunity to attend their training; then, we would probably have a much better world."

/ Evelina Lövhammar (25 years old course participant)  

"Many years ago, I heard about the amazing Johanna Morlor through my ex-partner.
 I was immediately curious when I found the” movement combined with coaching" arrangement attractive.  
I was looking for someone who could act as a sounding board and, at the same time, help me solve my physical knots.  
Said and done, Johanna and Peter have helped me to understand myself better, and our work together has given me tools to function better in both private and working life.  
The Morlorś have helped me to create an increased awareness of my behaviors and needs, something to fall back on when life moves quickly.  
Over the years, I have taken mentoring sessions/coaching one-on-one and taken the one-year base education combined with sessions focusing solely on movement.  
The result is that I feel much calmer as a person and today cope with stressful situations better.  
My ability to reflect before acting has improved significantly.  
As a sales manager, everything I learned with Johanna and Peter helps me coach my employees. "

/ Tobias Hejdenberg 
Head of business development in a global company

"Thank you Peter and Johanna for helping me realize my potential by providing me with tools allowing me to listen to my own inner guidance system. The body has a fantastic way to tell us what we need, if we only learn to listen. Many of us make the journey externally, but you have invited me to make my journey internally. We have explored what health truly is, and killed many myths that come along with it. We have linked breath to intelligent movement, allowing for the body to release old stagnation, learning that an open body is an open mind. We have also had inspiring lectures combined with meaningful discussions with the group, opening up for us to share reflections and experiences in a safe environment.
A healthy life, business and relationship have many things in common and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to explore this to meet Peter and Johanna.
Their knowledge of the human body, traditional medicine, breath and movement will give you new perspectives, opening up your eyes to see new possibilities."

/ Lovisa Normén
Student for the 1-year self-development training.   

"The movements in Movement Medicine dissolve my lifelong tensions in my body (my fears), open up my breathing and my closed body. In my case, it leads to increased relaxation, inner peace, and tranquility. Life flows through the body like never before!"

/ Magnus Zackariasson 

"I came to the Morlors after experiencing years of deep trauma and burn out. I had tried everything within western medicine and also a lot of alternative options. Still I daily had the feeling in my body that I was just almost hit by a buss. My nervous system was out of whack and so was my mental state. With a lot of movement, food directions, breathing techniques and railing in my mental state I started slowly getting better. I would’ve liked a quick fix entering their coaching but instead they taught me that patience and resilience are key. They are knowledgeable within all areas of your physical health but most importantly they tend to you as a whole - mind, body, soul which makes all the difference. IF you’re willing to listen, that is. This also assisted me in my journey inward. Actually healing instead of ”just” managing symptoms. I had sessions with them weekly for a year and also attended their educations. I’m so happy and thankful that my our paths crossed."  

/ Sanna Waxin

"You can’t really grasp the whole experience before you travel this path yourself. I’ve been with a group for almost 2 years and the transformation has been total at every level and area of my life. It’s quite hard to remember where I was at my starting point but I do know how I feel now. In my physical body is a calmness, a deep relaxation, more quiet. My head is also more quiet and nicer, less stressed out. In life I make more consious choises of what to feed myself with and with who. That makes my life more vibrant with quality. The group is a very safe space for me to explore and develop both trust and myself. It is really helpful to listen to others and learning me to give space and be together. When we meet every week I get a slow sustainable development, which is a whole new experience for me. Before, I have always pushed for quick results and I fully trust Johanna that I’m on the right track." 

Malin Arebert
Business owner at Sanaego

  "I've been training with Johanna since 2014.
Movement medicine is the form of exercise and therapy I have tested that has made the most significant difference for me physically and mentally.
I've stuck to that form of exercise ever since (even if the form of exercise isn't enough to describe what it is).
During the pandemic, my husband and I attended a year of study together with Johanna and Peter, which meant a lot to us both during a year when large parts of the world shut down.
It was incredibly challenging and fun to meet the same group every Sunday for a year, follow each other’s development, and share the journey, and that group and those Sundays will always have a special place in my heart.
I wish everyone to do Movement Medicine and see what happens to the body and the soul."

/ Bengta Ö.

I met Johanna at a time of my life (2018) when I had lost connection to my body and mind; hence I was also not connected in any of my relationships.
I knew I wasn’t well, but I didn’t realize how bad it was about to get. I started to work some sessions with her, but it wasn’t until I had the worst physical pain I have ever experienced (from years of mental pain and emotional disconnection) that I started to really work with her in weekly group sessions (2 hours per week), private sessions alone, couple sessions and with children, sibling, or parent with both her and Peter. She had done medical treatment (“walking on the body”) many times, especially when I was in extreme pain, and now I’m uncomfortable going to a “normal massage” or any other physical treatment because of the way I’m being touched and turned feels “wrong” since the body isn’t jumping into place the same way Johanna’s medical treatment does and feels. For me, working with Johanna has been a game changer, and I’m now so much more capable to be present, mindful, and aware of my own being, which impacts both my private and professional life positively. I want to live life to the fullest of my capacity, and with the practice that Johanna and Peter are showing, I have some of the tools I need to get closer but also embrace, love, and trust the process. Finally, Johanna and Peter truly do fantastic things for their tribe, but what is truly mind-blowing still after years and months together is Johanna’s ability to understand the human body. I have and would recommend this practice to anyone who cares about feeling life fully and finding peace in mind and body.

Woman, 43 years old, CEO of a global company  

I sought Johanna for help with my low energy level. The list of all physical and psychological symptoms can be made long. I had chronic fatigue problems for many years that manifested themselves in different ways. After I gave up on getting help in conventional care and psychiatry, I began to turn my gaze to alternative medicine and later to myself. Through a podcast that Johanna participated in, I found my way to Johanna Morlor and Morlor Education. Johanna's way of looking at body, mind, and soul through the knowledge of the old medicine resonated strongly with me, and I made contact, booked an appointment, and went to Stockholm to meet her. A little later, I also meet Peter Morlor and Sandra Melin. My entire physical body is much stronger and more resistant to interference, both from the inside and the outside. The problems I've had with my back and neck since way back don't feel anymore. My energy and recovery are on a new level, and I can live more. The symptoms subside. I have moved back to my own accommodation after living with my parents for several years. There are a lot of things that have changed that I didn't expect. I have started to learn to set boundaries, both for myself and others. How I move in my relationships and how I connect with other people. I find it easier to understand when I get overwhelmed and easier to get back into control again. I have regularly had Private Sessions with Johanna where I combine conversations and Movement Medicine with Johanna and Medicine Martial Arts with Peter. I have also taken two LIVE courses in Stockholm, one with Movement Medicine/the old medicine combined with a more scientific theory and a course with Medicine Martial Arts in practice and theory. In my personal life, I have begun to explore again what I like to do, what interests me and what I want. My body has reshaped itself and the feeling of it is more in line with myself. That whole self is more me, both in body and person. I've ended a relationship where I didn't have the space to be myself. I have changed jobs, but above all I have changed my view of how I want to work. What I'm doing now isn't exactly what I want to be doing but it gives me more room to explore what it is and what it looks like, one step closer to my Dharma. I have been interning with Johanna and Peter for two years and three months, it has given me a foundation to stand on and move from, and a better connection with myself. It has changed both my inner world and outer world!  

/ Marlene Gröning

"With patience and unique knowledge, Johanna has guided me over the years to balance, health and insight.
 Before I lived a life outside my body in constant stress, but thanks to Johanna and Movement Medicine, I have found a home to myself where all the answers are.
My gratitude is endless. It is rare to receive this kind of wisdom. With the online courses and classes, it will now be available to more people. If you also want to find your way home, you’ve come to the right place."  

/ Emma – Woman 43 years  old