Subscription terms - Digital subscription
 Effective January 1, 2023 

These subscription terms (the "Terms") apply to digital subscriptions regarding the online portal –
Morlor International AB, VAT. No. SE559246459701
For a user ("Customer" or "you") to be able to access the Services, the Customer must have a user account.
A user account will be created automatically when ordering the subscription, and the Customer must then create a password to activate the user account. Morlor International AB needs your approval.
To provide the best possible experience, our partners and we use cookies and similar technologies that allow us to store and access certain information on your device.
We also process personal data such as IP addresses.
Our partners and we use consent or legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing your data.
To access the Services, the Customer must also accept these Terms and complete the order for demand service after payment information has been registered.
You must be at least 15 years old to agree to the Service.
If you are under 18, parental or legal guardian approval is required to register and create an account.
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided by the Customer in connection with creating a user account is correct and to notify us if the information data changes continuously.

Technical conditions for using the Service 
To use the Service, the Customer must have the necessary equipment, software, and internet capacity, which may require updates at regular intervals.
We are not responsible for any deficiency in the Service provision due to the Customer not having the necessary equipment, software, and internet capacity. We reserve the right to change the technical conditions of the Service from time to time.

Price, payment, and handling of payment information 
Subscriptions for the Service are taken out after the Customer completes the order for the Service ("Subscription Period"). Payment of the subscription fee for the initial and, where applicable, for each new subscription period is made in advance by deducting the cost from the credit card specified by the Customer. The Subscription fee for a new subscription period is due every 30 days after the first payment for monthly subscriptions and every twelfth month for annual subscriptions.
The applicable subscription fee is stated in the price list that applies from time to time and can be found on the website.
All prices are stated, including Swedish VAT and in American Dollars (USD).
In addition to payment of the subscription fee, the fee paid by the Customer to its Internet Operator for data traffic is added, which is handled between the Customer and its Internet Operator outside the scope of this Agreement.
Payment of the subscription fee is made through the payment intermediaries who: Morlor International AB hires from time to time.
The customer should note that any fees and additional terms may apply to the use of these payment solutions.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the account associated with this Agreement shall be charged a subscription fee on the due date containing sufficient funds to cover the subscription fee charged from time to time.
Suppose the Customer needs more funds on the date of payment. In that case, Morlor International AB has the right to cancel or limit access to the Service and charge the Customer interest on late payment amount by the Interest Act, statutory reminder fee, and, where applicable, statutory collection fee.

Use of the Service 
The Customer is granted a non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferable right to use the Service during the subscription period to watch, listen to and read the website's content.
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Service is not used in violation of current legislation and is only used for personal and private use.
All content and other material that the Customer accesses through the Service (the "Material") is protected by Swedish and international copyright law and other applicable legislation.
The Customer may not dispose of the Material in violation of copyright law, other applicable law, or this Agreement. Morlor International AB reserves the right to suspend the Customer from all use of the Service, without obligation to refund the compensation paid, in case of violation of this Agreement.

Announcements, newsletters 
You agree that Morlor International AB may contact you through the e-mail address you provided during your registration to inform you of changes to terms and conditions or other notices related to your subscription or the Service. As part of your subscription, or if you have registered an account, we may send you newsletters, notifications, offers from Morlor International AB and our partners, and other similar digital mailings to the e-mail address you provided to us. The mailings are sent with the regularity that we determine at any given time. If you do not wish to receive these communications, you can opt-out by using the opt-out link at the bottom of the message.

Liability for errors in the Service 
The nature of the service means that disruptions, for example, due to congestion, network, and other communication errors and problems, may occur, which may mean that the Customer cannot participate in the Service.
Morlor International AB is not responsible for the Customer’s unable to access the Service due to such overload, errors, and problems.                                      The Customer is also aware of and agrees that the Service may be unavailable during interruptions for maintenance of the Service.
The Customer is aware that digital content available through the Service has been produced at different times and with other technical conditions.
The Customer, therefore, accepts that the content of the Service may be of varying quality, for example, in terms of resolution and that it is provided on an "as is" basis. In addition to what is stated above, our liability is limited to only errors in the Service due to us. For example, Morlor International AB is not responsible for mistakes due to the Customer or faults in the Customer's equipment (such as, for instance, that it does not meet the technical conditions) or other equipment that does not belong to us or for websites, content, and services provided by third parties that can be accessed from the Website or Service.

Term and Termination 
The agreement is valid during the initial and subsequent subscription periods as specified when ordering.
The subscription is automatically renewed by extending the subscription period by one month or 12 months, respectively, provided that the Customer has not canceled the subscription before the end of the current subscription period.
This means that Morlor International AB will continue to charge a subscription fee until the subscription has ended.
The Customer has the right to terminate the subscription at any time until termination with effect from the end of the current subscription period.
However, there will be no refund of the subscription fee already paid.
Please note that if you cancel the subscription but remain as a logged-in user, the following terms of use will continue to apply:

1. APPLICABILITY OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS To access Morlor International's digital services via www. Morlor. For education respectively, you need to create an account. By registering and creating an individual account, you will be bound by the Terms and allowed to access the Services.
2. REGISTER AN ACCOUNT To register, you must be over 15 years old. If you are under 18, parental or legal guardian approval is required to register and create an account. By signing up and creating an account, you simultaneously represent that you have obtained such approval from your parent or legal guardian. You are always considered to ensure the accuracy of the information you provide about yourself.
3. CONFIRMATION After you have registered your Account, a confirmation will be sent to you via the email address you have provided. The information you have provided during registration will be in your Account. Please check that this information is correct. If any information is incorrect and needs to be corrected, you should change it through your Account.
4. THE USER ACCOUNT Through your Account, you can access the Services and access Customer Service. Your Account may be used exclusively for private, non-commercial use. If an Account is used for other purposes, or if you violate these Terms, Morlor International AB may immediately suspend your Account. You undertake to ensure that information you provide through your Account is correct and to update your information as necessary. You should keep your Account user information secure and inaccessible to other people. If you have reason to suspect that someone unauthorized has accessed your user information, you must promptly notify Morlor International AB of this. You are responsible for damage caused by someone unauthorized using your data. 5. CLOSURE OF THE ACCOUNT Your Account is valid until further notice and can be terminated by email to
Please note that an account is necessary to access the Services, which means that terminating the Account will mean that removing the Account will mean you can no longer use the Services.
6. INTANGIBLE PROPERTY RIGHTS All content that becomes available through the Account and use of the Services, such as texts, still images and moving images, graphics, drawings, and computer codes, is protected by the Copyright Act (1960:729), and the rights to it are held by Morlor International and its licensors.
Morlor International AB's various trademarks and signs are protected by trademark law. Your creation of an account and use of the Services does not give you any right to reproduce, copy, transfer, grant, transfer or otherwise exploit such content as becomes available through the Account, nor to use the trademarks and characteristics associated with Morlor Education and Morlor International AB.
7. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA Morlor International AB is the data controller for processing process personal data. We process your data by Morlor International AB's data policy, which is available on Here you can also read about our cookie use.
8. TECHNICAL CONDITIONS Your access to the Account at any given time depends on having the necessary hardware and software, such as the browser and e-mail software, as well as Internet connection subscriptions. Morlor International AB assumes no responsibility for your access to hardware and software, nor for the functionality of these, or any costs that third parties, such as the internet or mobile phone operators, may incur on you in connection with your use of the Account.
9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Morlor International AB is not responsible for the account's function, availability, quality, usability, or safety. This limitation of liability covers any damage, direct or indirect, attributable to the use, or impediment to using, the Account and its contents. Morlor International AB has the right to temporarily close the Account to carry out system maintenance, upgrade, or take other technical measures. Morlor International AB shall, as far as possible, perform these actions with as little disturbance as possible for you. Morlor International AB is not responsible for any damage or loss you may consider yourself suffering due to limitations in availability, as described above.
10. NOTICES Morlor International AB may contact you through the e-mail address you provided during your registration to inform you of changes in terms and conditions or other notices relating to your Account. We also use your e-mail to send you direct marketing in the flowthroughs, information, and offers about Morlor International AB's various services and brands. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can unsubscribe either by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.
11. CHANGE TERMS Morlor International AB has the right to change these Terms at any time. The changes will apply from the date specified by Morlor International AB. If you do not accept the terms change, you may close your Account by email.
12. APPLICABLE LAW AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION These terms and conditions shall be applied and interpreted by Swedish law and the Swedish general court shall settle any disputes. You can also turn to the General Complaints Board,
13. CONTACT DETAILS If you have questions regarding your Account, you are always welcome to contact Customer Service by email at
Changes to the Terms, Service, and content and transfer of the Terms We reserve the right to change these Terms, the Service, and the content of the Service at any time. A change in terms and conditions will take effect no earlier than 30 days after the changed Terms have been notified to the Customer via the e-mail address provided by the Customer when registering for the Service. If the Customer does not accept the announced change to the Terms, the Customer has the right to cancel the subscription from the time the change takes effect. Morlor International can assign its rights and obligations under the Terms to others.
Processing of personal data Morlor International is the data controller for the processing of your data. Information about how we process your personal about your rights can be found here: Governing law and dispute resolution These Terms are subject to Swedish law, and a general court shall settle disputes. Arguments can also be tried by the General Complaints Board, whose decision is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute debate should be resolved; read more at
You are always welcome to contact our customer service for further information or support.