Everything in life that you will succeed in is based on being prepared 

This is true even when you strive to develop yourself and your health.
If you are not well prepared, you will not get the maximum dividend, and in some cases, you hinder other people's development by being unprepared.    

Before a Morlor Education LIVE – Event, we want you to think about the below points and come well prepared for the event.  

  • Check the day before that you have received your event link.
  • Check that your equipment meets the Technical requirements in our guide.
  • If you participate in one of our interactive Events, keep in mind that you have checked so that everyone can see and hear you. Check any webcam and microphone before the event begins.
  • Keep the audio and incoming notifications on your phone offline during the event.
  • Consider whether the noise in your surroundings may be disturbing to other participants.
  • If the event starts earlier than 1 pm, we advise you not to eat before.                                                                               If you really must eat, have a light meal no later than 10 AM.
  • Drink plenty of water before we start, but then try not to drink until we're done.
  • Put on comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. Keep in mind that in some exercises, we roll on the floor.
  • Do not wear shoes or socks; we always practice barefoot. 
  • Respect our Code of Conduct that you will find in Our Manifest.